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Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed Review

2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed Review.

I asked Mitsubishi Motors Australia to give me a drive of the 2020 Outlander as soon as it was launched and I’ve just collected an Exceed variant with a diesel engine. Frankly, I’m pretty partial to Mitsubishi and particularly the Outlander. My cousin Julie has recently taken delivery of a

Abarth 695 Rivale Review – Jeremy Clarkson

Abarth 695 Rivale Review – Jeremy Clarkson

Abarth 695 Rivale review: a car so bad, it’s scary Abarth 695C Rivale.  Jeremy Clarkson has a wicked and sharp tongue. And when he doesn’t like a car, he tells us all about it. And with this Fiat, in particular, the scorn level has elevated to supersonic levels. I must

Bugatti Chiron: What It’s REALLY Like To Drive Properly

Bugatti Chiron: What It’s REALLY Like To Drive Properly

Just before the world gets to see the Bugatti Divo, Henry Catchpole went to Molsheim to drive the one and only Bugatti Chiron to see how it really drives when driving properly on some challenging roads by someone who knows what they are doing. Not really a lot more needs

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Review

Hi, Bob Aldons, The Car Guy with the Throttle House review on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Back in the day when this shape Jeep Grand Cherokee was released onto the Australian market, I drove one as my private car. Initially, I chose a 5.7 Litre Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

BMW M5 v DODGE DEMON – The Car Guy and Throttle House

BMW M5 v DODGE DEMON – The Car Guy and Throttle House

Hi, Bob Aldons, The Car Guy with something very special from the guys at Throttle House. Thomas Holland and his sidekick Colin test drive and review the new BMW M5 Competition and the amazing Dodge Demon. The Dodge isn’t imported into Australia by Fiat Chrysler (yet) but there are aftermarket

Large SUV, 2019 Subaru Ascent First Drive: Scoop!

Large SUV, 2019 Subaru Ascent First Drive: Scoop!

Subaru has announced and launched a large 7-seater SUV for the North American market. Welcome to the Subaru Ascent   Subaru probably can’t use the badge Subaru Ascent here down under – Hyundai already has that moniker sown up, but the upcoming 3-row large SUV from the Japanese company will

Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe on the way with F1 tech, report says

Alfa Romeo Giulia coupe on the way with F1 tech, report says

Sprint nameplate could be resurrected for long-awaited two-door variant – Alfa Romeo. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe, as seen in our rendering, is expected to break cover later this year and may use the Sprint name.(Photo by Autocar)

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio first drive – Scoop

Power, poise, and presence built for back roads, not two-track trails – Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio.Hi Bob Aldons, The Car Guy presenting the Autoweek article on their first drive in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. I’ve owned a Guilia QV and my first impression of Alfa’s first SUV is that it will sell well in Australia, provided the experience is similar to what Robin Warner had at the first drive of this vehicle. The headline picture says Alfa Romeo all over. If I didn’t know differently, I’d say that it’s a Guilia front end, so at least the folks at Alfa Romeo are keeping the family look. Here’s what Robin Warner has to say on his first drive. He writes for the American market so forgive references to non-metric weights and measures

Ferrari 488 Pista


    Clever safety features let even amateurs get the best of Ferrari’s latest – the Ferrari 488 Pista – and the English translation of Pista? Track! Be still my beating heart. It’s Bob Aldons, The Car Guy, with an opinion piece on the upcoming Ferrari 488 Pista. The guys from

Mazda 6 Touring Wagon

Why Should You Buy – Mazda 6 Touring Wagon

Mazda’s 6 Touring Wagon is a value for money family vehicle Preamble I was a franchised car dealer for nearly 38 years. During that time I was involved with a broad range of new cars, including Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Renault, Citroen, Isuzu Ute, Volkswagen, Fiat, Alfa


Hello and welcome to my new website!

I know that there’s a lot of websites that offer car reviews, car road tests, opinions on various cars and the like. What makes this site different is that I’m not going to bore you with technical information about the various cars that I review.

I’ve been in the car business for over 39 years. I’ve read the motoring magazines cover to cover. I’ve read the online reviews until my eyes were square. Everywhere that I go, I find motoring journalists talking about car speeds – 0 – 100 km per hour, standing ¼ times, the inclination of this and that at 150klm per hour on a 12.5% gradient curve, in rainy weather – and other stuff that bores me no end. is taking a different path on the journey to helping you purchase a new car. I’ll do my best to advise you on what I consider to be the most important information when it comes to that major decision to purchase a car. Interior room, features of the car, fuel economy, safety, service prices, resale and lots more. I’ll tell you what I like about a particular car and as importantly, what I don’t like, to find at least to be less than I think a car should have. .

And I’ll ask for your opinion. Take some pics of what you’re driving and tell me and our audience what you particularly like or dislike about your car. Because besides prospective new car buyers, there’s a lot of people who’ll read your comments as used car buyers.

So, jump on board, strap yourself in and let’s start out on the journey with The Car Guy.

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