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Weekend Sunrise – Used Car Vehicle Recall Story

I was watching Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise program last Sunday (1/10/2017) where a Wheels Magazine person was discussing the 5 worst and 5 best, used cars. For anyone interested, who missed the program, here’s the list they discussed. And as importantly before you take delivery of that used car, make sure that an outstanding vehicle recall has been completed

The Worst.                      

Holden Barina TK 2005-2011

Hyundai Accent 2005-2011

Mazda 2 2002-2007

Toyota Camry 1993-1997

Subaru Outback 1994-1998

The Best

Honda Odyssey 2004-2009

Mazda RX8 2003-2011

Holden Colorado 2008-2011

Toyota Prius 2009-2015

Jeep Cherokee 2001-2007

It’s a fairly varied list – some surprise me but these statistics are taken from accident reports from Insurance companies and the state police force.

This got me to thinking about used cars and more importantly the history of any particular used car.

At my company Car Business, part of our inspection and the reconditioning process is to check the Vehicle Recall status of the cars that we buy or trade before they go for the safety inspection. I know that what Car Business does is fairly unique in the industry, and I don’t know of any other company that follows this important process but they certainly should. In fact, I’d like to see legislation enacted in every state requiring used car dealers and private sellers to check the Vehicle recall status. It’s not rocket science – you only have to visit Alternatively, the workshops doing Safety Certificate Inspections could also check and ensure that the car has any outstanding Vehicle Recall completed before they issue the certificate. That, of course, is the seller’s responsibility to have a Vehicle Recall completed prior to sale.

It’s irresponsible for any seller, private or dealer to deliver a car with a dangerous defect. What would the ambulance chasing legal firms do with this sort of case? To check if your car needs a Vehicle Recall performed you first need your VIN number. You get that from your registration paper, the compliance plate of your vehicle or you can download an app like the Qld REGO app from iTunes and get the VIN from there – It’s not too hard.

Then you visit the Australian Product Safety Web site. If your car has an outstanding Vehicle Recall, get it to a brand dealer and have the recall done. It’s typically free and will give you greater peace of mind for you and as importantly your family.

So on the Product Safety Recall website, if your car has a concern, this is what you’ll see. This particular car, A 2011 Hyundai I45 has an outstanding recall issued on 16th June 2017 that needs attention. Here’s the vehicle recall information from Hyundai

Vehicle Recall

This is the vehicle recall advice on a Hyundai I45, which I have in my stock. It will be completed before it’s delivered to a buyer

“Prolonged running of the engine with contaminants may cause engine failure, resulting in the vehicle stopping suddenly. This may increase the risk of a crash.”

Car Business bought this car from a private seller – obviously the customer hadn’t checked whether any vehicle recall was outstanding, but fortunately for the next owner, Car Business checked, and will have the recall completed so the new owner can take delivery with peace of mind.

Here’s a similar article from CBS Miami that prompted my story.

“MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Consumer advocates have a warning for anyone considering buying a used car: the vehicle could be subject to a vehicle recall without you knowing it. New research shows recalled vehicles have become more common at the nation’s largest used car chain – about 27 percent of vehicles inspected at 8 CarMax dealerships. That’s one of every four cars that were found to have an un-repaired recall issue in a new investigation by car safety advocates.

“These are not aesthetics. These are dangerous problems with the car,” said Jason Levine, Executive Director, Center for Auto Safety.

Levine says the problems included faulty Takata air bags and GM ignition switches.

In a statement, CarMax said they disclose open recalls before selling vehicles and have an easy way to check for a car’s recall status on their website.

“Sometimes, those repairs are not even available. So, it’s a little bit deceptive and very unfair to say, well, disclosure fixes the problem. It doesn’t fix the problem and it doesn’t fix the car,” said Levine.

CarMax and other used car sellers said they’re not in a position to make the fixes.  They’re not required to.

New cars that have been recalled can’t be sold, but no federal law stops the sale of used cars under recall.

Two Democratic senators have introduced legislation that would make the practice illegal, but the bill has stalled.

“We don’t allow people to advertise food that’s been recalled as safe. We don’t let people advertise cribs that have been recalled as safe. It’s not clear why you’re allowed to advertise cars that have recalls on them as safe,” said Levine.”

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