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Pagani Huarya

Dan Neill, a writer for The Australian, is one of those lucky bastards that get invitations to view, drive and write on some of the world’s great cars. Unfortunately, Dan met Mr. Pagani in Monterey USA rather than his atelier in Modena. And again, unfortunately, I’m not on the list of invitees to purchase one or drive one even though it’s extremely unaffordable to me and most other human beings. From Wikipedia, Senor Horacio Pagani is the Argentine founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., an Italian specialty auto-maker. From his beginnings in Rural Argentina, he would work for Renault, Lamborghini, and eventually build his own upmarket car company. Pagani Automobili Modena was founded by Pagani in 1992.The first car he produced was the Zonda which took seven years to complete. His second car produced is the Pagani Huayra. It is named after Huayra Tata, the god of the wind in Incan Culture

I’m pleased to provide this story on the Pagani Huarya from Dan Neill for your reading pleasure 

Pagani Huarya
The Pagani Huarya is arguably a work of art

Each Pagani Huayra is assembled by men, not machines.

To appreciate the Pagani Huayra Roadster I ask that you use your imagination like a zoom lens. At the moment we are standing a distance away where we can better appreciate the design’s molecular bonding of carnal and sublime.

On one hand the Pagani Huarya Roadster — the latest from maestro Horacio Pagani, of Modena, Italy — is ­beyond bad-ass: low, wide and louche, whispering a filthy argot spoken only in the brothels of ­extreme speed. The $US2.4-million ($3.1m) Roadster harbours a 6-litre, 754-horsepower biturbo V12 engine and weighs practically nothing, an astonishing 1.28 tonnes dry weight. Aviation-style ­ailerons help it stay on the ground. It’s fast enough for you, partner.

On the other hand, the Roadster is thoroughly beautiful: ­immaculate in line, elegant in form, with a kind of museum-calibre probity that defies its status as billionaire killer. It is a weapon pricked with jewelled fire, a tsarist axe. This ethereal property, shared with all Pagani designs, has led some to talk about the cars as works of art, which they are not, by theory; but they are damn close.


“The word art is derived from the word ‘arto’, which in Italian means hand,” said Senor Pagani, when I interviewed him in Monterey in August. “Therefore it is the expression of hands. It’s an expression that can be in many disciplines, not only when you make a painting or a sculpture.”

Pagani Huarya
The interior is a composite of woven carbon fibre and titanium

Zoom in closer. Now you can see the distinctive herringbone pattern of carbon fibre draped across the complex body panels in absolute alignment. Pagani, 62, moved from Argentina to Italy as a young man to work in Lamborghini’s then-experimental composites department. Thirty-five years later the Pagani name is known to connoisseurs of fast cars as Vacheron Constantin is to chronophiles. Central to the ­appeal is the cars’ stupendous surface lustre, the gorgeous landscapes of carbon weave under a miles-deep, glassine polymer.

In a technical milieu that prizes repeatability, the cars’ components are fabricated and assembled by hand, most particularly the numinous body panels. “There is no work done mechanically with a machine or a robot,” said Roberto Malmusi, Pagani’s composites manager. “This is not only an indication of quality but also of philosophy. Our customer must feel with their own hands, with their own senses, sight, touch, what we offer, what we do with the car. And this can only be done by hand, without the use of machines.”

Want one? Sorry. All of them, a few score at most, are sold. Hell, they’ve been sold for some time.

Bob Aldons
Bob Aldons is The Car Guy.

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