Mercedes-Benz X-Class

Pricing announced for Mercedes-Benz X-Class

It will be interesting to see the take-up of the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class after initial interest. The X-Class, really a Nissan Navarra is priced from around $52,000 drive away in Queensland with a 2.3-litre diesel engine, manual transmission and an alloy tray body up to around $70,000 for a double cab auto. A similar Nissan sells for $44,500 for a 4×4 Alloy Tray Body up to the range-topping ST-X for about $63,000 and that’s before any deals that are on offer from Nissan month to month

Mercedes-Benz Dealers will undoubtedly stand on the reputation of their brand, but apart from loyal MB followers, I’m doubting that diehard tradies will even consider it. But, never say never – MB has a loyal following in their commercial vans and that market at least should produce. Historically in Australia, badged vehicles have struggled to gain any real market share and it will be interesting to see if Mercedes-Benz X-Class will change the attitude.

Interesting to see if a simple grille change is possible and whether MB dealers will offer trade prices?





PURECab ChasX 220 dRWD6-spd manual$45,450
PURELoad BedX 220 dRWD6-spd manual$46,400
PURELoad BedX 220 d4MATIC6-spd manual$50,400
PURECab ChasX 250 d4MATIC6-spd manual$51,450
PURECab ChasX 250 d4MATIC7-spd auto$54,350
PURELoad BedX 250 d4MATIC6-spd manual$52,400
PURELoad BedX 250 d4MATIC7-spd auto$55,300
PROGRESSIVECab ChasX 250 d4MATIC6-spd manual$53,950
PROGRESSIVECab ChasX 250 d4MATIC7-spd auto$56,850
PROGRESSIVELoad BedX 250 d4MATIC6-spd manual$54,900
PROGRESSIVELoad BedX 250 d4MATIC7-spd auto$57,800
POWERLoad BedX 250 d4MATIC6-spd manual$61,600
POWERLoad BedX 250 d4MATIC7-spd auto$64,500

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