Philanthropy is a very worthwhile enterprise for all business sizes. Through my brokerage company, Car Business, I donate for every new and used car sold, to the Australian Road Safety Foundation. Other car companies, such as Land Rover and others donate vehicles, or goods and services to other organizations, in this case, the Australian Red Cross. Congratulations to Land Rover for this move.

Hello and welcome. I’m Bob Aldons, the founder, and editor of The Car Guy. I’m not privy to an actual road test on many brands and models. I currently review Suzuki, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Land Rover, Great Wall, Haval, and Mitsubishi. Other manufacturers are yet to come to their senses as I’m reviewing cars as a potential customer would.

In any case, there’s a myriad of press releases submitted by manufacturers every week, and to help keep you up to date with what’s going on in the Car Business, I’ve introduced a new section for The Car Guy website. It’s titled ”In Their Own Words”.  I sincerely hope that this article gives you some extended information as a prospective new car buyer on cars that I haven’t had an opportunity to drive and review. Just be careful to understand that these releases are the manufacturers spin and not my opinion. If you’re interested in more information about a particular brand or model of new vehicle, please contact me directly, whichever state you’re living in on 0418 748 498. I’ll be sure to assist you in any way I can.

Here’s a press statement released by Land Rover recently.

“Tuesday 9 September, 2017- Land Rover Australia has donated one of the first All-New Discovery vehicles to land in the country to Australian Red Cross.

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover has donated a new Land Rover Discovery to the Australian Red Cross

A highlight of its ‘Road Trip for a Reason’ campaign, the partnership between Land Rover and Australian Red Cross saw Land Rover ambassador George Gregan visit the Northern Territory and share his passion for sport with remote communities.

Says Andrew Kenyon, Director, Northern Territory for Australian Red Cross: “Distances in the Northern Territory are so vast and the addition of this Land Rover vehicle will make a huge difference over the next 12 months, helping our team to reach people in remote communities”.

In Alice Springs, Australian Red Cross supports ‘at risk’ children from difficult family situations, encouraging them to participate in team sports; the program has had great outcomes, with better school attendance, improved social participation, and reduced anti-social activities. Australian Red Cross also travels regularly to communities over 500 kilometers away, such as Tennant Creek, to address issues of safety for women and children, and to help the community find ways to develop their own solutions. In partnership with DriveSafe NT, Red Cross helps young adults to gain their driving licenses, making a huge difference to their employability in central Australia and at the same time contributing to improved road safety.

Says Matthew Wiesner, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Australia: “The partnership between Land Rover and Red Cross goes back more than sixty years. We are proud to support Australian Red Cross, and to donate a Land Rover Discovery to the Northern Territory operation for a year so that they can continue the incredible work they do supporting remote communities.”

Australian Red Cross

Red Cross offers relief in times of crisis and care when it’s needed most. Red Cross is there for people in need, no matter who they are, no matter where they live.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement helps tens of millions of people around the world each year and here at Australian Red Cross, we care for local communities in Australia and further afield.

With millions of volunteers worldwide and thousands of members, volunteers and supporters across Australia we can reach people and places like nobody else.

Red Cross and Land Rover

Land Rover’s long-standing relationship with Red Cross began in 1954 when the company provided the British Red Cross with a Series 1 Land Rover to use as a mobile dispensary in Dubai.  The relationship was further cemented in 2007, as part of the development of Land Rover’s G4 Challenge. Since then its worldwide achievements include the loan and donation of 120 vehicles and the provision of direct help to more than 800,000 people. Globally more than one million people have also benefited indirectly from Land Rover’s support for the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), with funding totaling more than $10 million since 2007.

The Australian arms of Land Rover and Red Cross have worked closely together on a multi-tiered support program to reach Australians affected by natural disasters or other emergency assistance requirements. Since 2010, Land Rover Australia supplied the Victorian and Queensland Disaster & Emergency Services teams with a fleet of vehicles which have been instrumental in the rural recovery projects for a range of natural disasters including locust plagues, floods, and bushfires. The vehicles have been used in the personal support outreach program, visiting people in their homes to listen to their stories and provide them with the support they require to get their lives back to normal.

In 2013, Land Rover extended its global partnership with the IFRC for a further five years, with the aim of providing $25 million worth of support by 2018. This work will contribute to Jaguar Land Rover’s overall company goal of creating opportunities through the Global Corporate Social Responsibility program for 12 million people by 2020.”

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