On June 1st Ford Australia announced the introduction of a 5 Year Warranty and now it’s Holden’s turn. Good on you both. It’s time that consumers had this better warranty. The Car Business demands it.

5 Year Warranty

Nissan provides a 3-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

Subaru has a 3-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

Volkswagen still has a 3-year warranty

5 Year Warranty

And Mazda has a 3-year warranty







If my memory is clear that now only leaves, Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen, Nissan and Mazda as the last major players in the Australian car business with a 3-year warranty. These stop outs need to have a long hard look at themselves – the new car warranty has moved on – 5-year warranty is the norm with Kia still the front-runner with 7 years.

Who will be the last company standing?  Follows the press release from Holden.

Holden today announced it will introduce an immediate and permanent 5-year warranty for all new cars sold in Australia.  The warranty comes with unlimited kilometres for private and ABN buyers or with a generous 200,000km cap for Government, fleet and rental customers.

Following on from the recent announcement that GM Financial, General Motors’ global captive finance company, is expanding into the Australia market as Holden Financial Services, the new standard 5-year warranty strengthens Holden’s customer support through competitively priced finance and after-sales services

At Holden, we’re focused on offering the right products in the right segments and providing exceptional customer service,” Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mark Bernhard said.

Holden’s product portfolio is the best line-up and quality we’ve ever had, especially in the key growth segments of SUVs and utes. We’ve always had confidence in our cars and this is putting money where our mouth is.

“Buying a new car is a huge financial and emotional commitment and this 5-year warranty is rounding out our market-leading portfolio of care for our customers.

“We also have the most passionate and capable dealer network in the country and this standard 5-year warranty supports the work they’re doing to look after our customers.”

The new 5-year warranty is part of Holden’s Complete Care package for customers which includes:

  • Take Your Time Test Drive – take any of our cars for up to 24 hours, to make sure it really fits your family and lifestyle
  • Roadside Assistance – complimentary help when the unexpected happens, first-year complimentary now full 5-years for all customers servicing their vehicles within Holden dealership network
  • Know Your Cost Servicing – know exactly what your service is going to cost, so no surprises
  • Holden Rental Service – new models, flexible periods and access to vehicles not available elsewhere

“Holden is the most recognised automotive brand in Australia; Holden’s heritage is providing transport solutions for Australians which we’ve been doing for more than 150 years and this is another demonstration of that,” Mr Bernhard said.

Holden continues to establish itself as a national sales company, with a laser-like focus on the key SUV, LCV and Passenger segments and providing an exceptional customer experience. Holden’s new seven-seat SUV Acadia joins showrooms later this year.


Bob Aldons

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