First-ever Ford Ranger Raptor – $74990

First-ever Ford Ranger Raptor – $74990

Ford Ranger Raptor to have a Manufacturer’s List Price from $74,990* ahead of arriving in Australian showrooms in 2018. And plus metallic paint and on-road costs in Queensland, those with DEEP pockets can expect to pay circa $81000. Oh, and that’s before you attack the options list.

 Ford Ranger Raptor

It’s  genuinely a performance vehicle – or a ute on steroids

As late a 10 years ago, is there anyone out there in the Australian car market who even dreamed about a commercial ute selling for over $81,000? Even adding almost every available accessory, you would have been hard-pressed to reach this summit.

A year or so ago, a friend of mine who has a 4WD accessory store was contacted by Ford Motor Company. He was told that he needed to stop reselling Raptor grilles that fitted the MY17 Ranger. Despite protesting long and hard, the threat of legal action got his attention. And so 12 months since the ‘cease and desist’ order, Raptor is finally on the horizon. I’m only wondering, unlike the pictures, whether it will get a RAPTOR grille or be stuck with the boring FORD plastic.

And even as late as last night, on Channel 9, Mercedes-Benz X Class was featured in a story all about double-cab utes and how they’re taking over from normal family cars. Know I’m not so sure about the ongoing popularity of the Benz. It’s built on a Nissan Navarra platform (at least for the moment) with upgrades and improvements to make it a Mercedes. One of the most important aspects of the transplant is that the X Series has picked up rear wheel disc brakes.

I’ll be reviewing the Nissan Navarra ST 4×4 Dual Cab shortly


Here’s the guff from Ford Motor Company of Australia. Enjoy the read

  • Australians will be able to order a Ford Ranger Raptor in 2018 with genuine Raptor DNA as the new hero model for the Ranger line-up, following its global reveal in Bangkok, Thailand, in February this year
  • The Ranger Raptor answers the calls from Aussies for a Ranger with even more character, individualism and genuine off-road capability, reflecting the broader use of pick-ups beyond traditional workhorse duties to a highly charged, performance vehicle
  • The Ranger Raptor will be introduced following extensive testing at Ford Australia’s You Yangs Proving Ground and in remote locations across the globe, with Australian-based engineers and designers playing a crucial role in its development
  • Ranger Raptor will build on Ford’s truck and pick-up heritage, with roots back to Lewis Bandt’s 1934 Coupe Utility through to the current locally-engineered Ford Ranger line-up, Ford Australia’s most popular model

MELBOURNE, April 9, 2018 –The first-ever Ford Ranger Raptor is the ultimate expression of the Ford Ranger and will be available for Australian off-road enthusiasts as a bold entrant in an all-new niche. It will go on sale in 2018 with a Manufacturer’s List Price of $74,990*.

“We’re unbelievably excited and delighted to be able to confirm that the Ranger Raptor is coming to Australia in 2018,” said Graeme Whickman, President and CEO of Ford Australia. “The response to our announcement in September, and the interest from the global reveal back in February to bring it to market at such a sharp price only adds to the anticipation ahead of its arrival in local showrooms,” said Whickman.

The Ranger Raptor will lead the Ranger line-up and be offered in other markets around the world, just as Ranger is offered in more than 180 countries. Ranger Raptor will showcase Australian

Ford Ranger Raptor
Impressive stance with go fast kit

design and engineering expertise in conjunction with Ford Performance Raptor DNA that builds on Ford’s strong truck heritage.

“Aussies have a passion for performance cars, and an appetite for pick-ups and the Ranger is a direct response to that,” said Ford Australia President and CEO, Graeme Whickman. “Our local design and engineering team has worked incredibly hard with Ford Performance on this truly unique program to deliver a product that brings Raptor DNA and meets the needs of Australians who’ve called for such a vehicle.”

Raptor DNA: A force to be reckoned with

The Ford Ranger Raptor is Ford’s first performance pick-up truck for Australia. It comes with exclusive features unique to the pickup segment and has been developed to deliver the ultimate performance experience for off-road users, benefitting from locally-led design and engineering at venues across the world including Ford Australia’s You Yangs Proving Ground and Borrego in the USA, where the F-150 Raptor was tested.

The current Ford Ranger is the market leader in 4×4 pickups as the best-selling 4×4 pick-up here in 2017. The Ranger Raptor builds on the inherent qualities of the Ford F-Series Raptor and brings with it the Tough Done Smarter elements that meet Australian buyer’s light commercial needs.

Ranger customers are increasingly using their vehicle for both work and recreational purposes, including off-road drives, and Ranger Raptor raises the bar. Leveraging Ford’s engineering experience in building tough trucks and global engineering expertise in performance vehicles, the Ranger Raptor is an extremely capable off-roader built on customer feedback from Ford’s performance and truck products, both in Australia and around the globe.

Based on the Ranger with its Australian-led engineering and design, the Ranger Raptor has been developed for customers who desire a pick-up truck that delivers an unmistakably unique statement. The Ranger Raptor is made for off-road enthusiasts who appreciate an outdoor lifestyle and seek out the most extreme terrain, demanding an authentic, truly capable vehicle that’s a cut above other off-roaders. Ranger Raptor is the result of this vision.

“It’s clear that there’s an appetite for a performance pickup, and we’ve worked hard to deliver something that fits the bill as a genuine performance product,” said Graeme Whickman. “The Ranger Raptor is the real deal: its unique engineering and performance aspects make it unlike any other Ranger – or any other truck on sale, for that matter.”

Ranger Raptor: Equipped like no other

Ford Ranger Raptor
All the ‘fruit’ you’d want as standard, but there’s still an options list

The Ford Performance Ranger Raptor will be offered as a single specification, featuring an all-new powertrain, advanced suspension and unmatched capability as the first Ford Performance pick-up offered in Australia.

Ford Performance Raptor DNA begins with the Ranger Raptor’s aggressive stance, headlined by its ‘Ford’ block-letter from grille, HID headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lamps, and unique front and rear bumpers to build Ranger Raptor’s visual punch. Bolstered by its 33-inch diameter BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres, and flanked by Ranger Raptor-specific heavy-duty side-steps, the Ranger Raptor shows off-road ability from before its turned a wheel.

Underneath the skin, Ranger Raptor’s race-bred long travel suspension with Fox Shox, aluminium upper and lower control arms, heavy duty skid-plates and underbody protection, which – combined with a unique chassis – enables Ranger Raptor to be the most capable off-road Ford Ranger. This includes wider front and rear tracks, greater ride height, increased approach and departure angles, as well as water wading capability that’s enhanced to 850mm^.

The Ranger Raptor will be powered by a new-generation Bi-Turbo diesel producing 157kW/500Nm through a 10-speed automatic with magnesium paddle shifters for high-performance capability. The flexibility of the powertrain is further unlocked through the Ranger Raptor’s unique six-mode Terrain Management System (TMS), which includes low- and high-range four-wheel drive and a locking rear differential. The Ranger Raptor’s TMS introduces Baja mode, which is exclusive to Raptor DNA and offers the ultimate off-road performance settings.

In addition, Ranger Raptor will introduce a host of convenience features as standard, including smart keyless entry, push-button start as well as a power tailgate lock. SYNC 3 with an 8.0-inch colour touchscreen and standard sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility is also standard for Ranger Raptor. The Raptor interior also features exclusive leather-accented bucket seats, a unique instrument cluster with its own start-up display behind a Raptor-embossed steering wheel with competition-spec ‘straight ahead’ marking.

Ranger Raptor: building on Ford’s global truck heritage

Ford celebrated 100 years of trucks in 2017, and that expertise has been leveraged for Ranger Raptor. Earning its keep alongside the F-150 Raptor in other markets, the Ranger Raptor meets the stringent demands of Ford’s global truck line while delivering the driver – and passengers – that genuine Raptor DNA.

“This is a fully warranted, factory performance vehicle,” said Ranger Raptor Chief Program Engineer, Damien Ross. “While Raptor DNA calls for extreme performance, the vehicle must meet the regulations, demands and expectations in terms of ownership experience that all of our products are measured by. That’s no mean feat.”

Throughout this rich history, Ford has continuously worked to improve its trucks by listening to owners and developing innovations that improve their ability to get the job done. These innovations give today’s Ford truck owners greater towing and cargo carrying capability, advanced engines for improved efficiency, and driver-assist technologies that make them more convenient to drive and own. Ranger Raptor owners will benefit from this legacy.

The first-ever Ford Performance Ranger Raptor will be on sale in Australia in 2018.


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In Closing

My reviews aren’t based on power performance or high-speed handling capacity. They’re not based on 0-100 Kim/hr of 4.0 seconds. And they’re certainly not super luxury vehicles that many other “old timers” are feted on by the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin

Back when I started in the motor industry salespeople were schooled and skilled in a process called the road to the sale. Part of that process was a presentation of the car that the customer was ultimately considering,
The six position sell showed the features, advantages, and benefits as it related to that specific car in the eyes and thought process of that particular customer
Those days of a true car sales professional seem to have gone.
Nowadays it seems that all salespeople want to do is accept that the customer knows everything about the car they’re interested in, want to crunch the customer as quickly as possible and get onto the next sale
In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that there’s such a high turnover in salespeople in this industry of ours.
Now I think that I’m a car industry expert, not because I sell lots of cars, but, as I was taught over 40yeras ago, time sells motor cars.
The more time you spend with a customer, the more information you provide them and the more you’re there for them Even AFTER they take delivery of their new car, the more repeat and referral business you’ll get.
Typically second and subsequent sales only provide 10% of a car salespersons business. Referral business, where an existing customer refers a friend, relation or work colleague back tot eh selling salesperson as someone to trust and buy a car from is even less – probably 5%
So, if you’re a young salesperson reading this article, let me tell you that you should be getting 40-50% of your business from repeat and referral business.
And how do you get that much? Well, that’s a story for another article or an opportunity to join me in a training course.


For your interest, my motoring reviews are my opinion of the vehicle I’m testing. The manufacturer or distributor, in this case, Kia Australia, doesn’t tell me what to write or ask for a ‘nice’ review. Nor am I paid for these reviews – I simply call it as I see it.

I often wonder about the ‘truth’ that I see from other motoring journalists. And I’m particularly referring to newspapers, online forums, and magazines where the company that owns the publication receives substantial advertising support from the various manufacturers.

Do the owners or editors tell their journalists to go easy on the review? I’m not sure, never having been in that position. Would I turn to softer reviews if my company was being paid for good reviews? Not likely. My independence as a writer is not for sale. I’d rather say no than be bought.

In any case, If that ever happens, rest assured that I’ll be telling that story with interest.

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