It happened with Maserati, and Lamborghini, could it even happen with Ferrari? Rumors circulating overseas and particularly a report in Car Magazine UK suggests that a variation of the GTC4 Lusso may have all wheel drive architecture with a petrol V8 hybrid engine.

Seems that Sergio Marchionne has commissioned a design team to investigate the possibility and the vehicle has a code name – F16X. And to me it’s no surprise – the luxury SUV segment has kicked in 2017 and it’s arguably a segment that Maranello could increase their volumes in line with Marchionne’s target of 12,000 vehicles per annum.

Car is reporting that the vehicle will have an increased ride height and feature a coupe-like shape. Suggestions that the crossover could receive pillarless suicide rear doors to allow easy access to the rear seats.

The report suggests that pricing will be in the vicinity of $USD340,000 which translates to around $AUD600,000 if it ever arrives in Australia.(plus on road costs of course)

Herbert Appleroth won’t comment at the moment of course, but it seems that Car Magazine UK has someone inside the Maranello walls who are leaking some spicy information.

Source: www.http://www.carmagazine.co.uk