I’m wondering at the sense and sensibility of remote parking, particularly as it relates to the present BMW television advertisement. In it, a particularly svelte lady extricates herself from her car in a twist of arms and legs. The important aspect from my viewpoint is how the owner of the car next to her will have any idea how to get into his/her car and move out of the parking space at all let alone not doing any damage to their car or hers. BMW Remote Parking is available now in the 7 series.

I’m guessing that remote parking would be an advantage if you have a particularly narrow garage but BMW, don’t expect people to rush your showrooms for this feature

BMW Remote Parking

Do you have to have a killer body to use BMW Remote Parking?

BMW says “The Parking assistant including linear guidance parks the vehicle completely automatically, parallel or perpendicular to the street. The system works by measuring potential spaces while driving past them at a low speed. If the driver parks manually without the help of the Parking assistant, Active Park Distance Control (PDC) offers additional protection against damage with the Lateral parking aid.”